Why Communication Matters

Why communication matters

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

-George Bernard Shaw


Our world today is much more connected by technology. You can now communicate with and have impact on people all over the world.  Everything is amplified in the digital age. 


However, it’s about quality of connection, not quantity. Humans are biologically wired to want to meaningfully connect. Throughout history, we’ve been built to connect in tribes and communities. Today, we must learn to find ways to authentically connect to each other through communication that is easy to understand and that makes us feel emotions. Like humans. 


Message sent does not mean message received. We are bombarded by hundreds of emails and online advertisements. We see words, data and numbers. Yet, information and meaning gets lost. Communication needs to make sense.


For a business to be successful in a digital world, you must meaningfully connect with your audience, whether it’s with your customers, your investors, or your employees.  This means having messaging and communication strategies that cut through complex technical jargon to reach your audience. By connecting through better communication, you can realize your good intentions and achieve your goals.

Bon Intent plans to help you do that. Let’s make communication human again.

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