Who We Are

Jenn M Choi, Founder, Bon Intent

“Thank you for your words”, a stranger once told me on a flight. Through the power of words and better communication, I hope to empower businesses to change the world, one message at a time.

Professional Profile

Jenn is a Champion of Communication who is passionate about helping others become better communicators. With high emotional intelligence, she wants to enable people to connect to each other in the digital age. Authentic human connection makes her heart flutter.

She has a proven track record in strategic communications, change communications, marketing, social media, coaching, and project management. With over 13 years of experience in healthcare and technology, Jennifer has leveraged her exceptional communication savvy to create meaningful impact.

Prior to founding Bon Intent, she spent four years at Genentech, where she unearthed a special skill to translate complex technical concepts into simplified messages to reach people. There, she built and led a team of internal communication consultants serving a department of over 1,200 employees.

Notable past clients have included: Roche- one of the largest healthcare companies in the world, Cobalt.io – a global leader in cybersecurity, and Experiential Insight – a group coaching platform for some of the top organizations worldwide. 

Jenn is also a public writer, content creator and transformational life coach. To get to know her as the multi-passionate Real Human that she is, please check out her website here.